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The NSSO study, “Space-Based Solar Power as an Opportunity for Strategic Security” recommends “that the U.S. Government should organize effectively to allow for the development of SBSP…”. Read the report for yourself and use the references and resources listed below to learn more about this game-changing technology. Starting with the links on the Learn More page, use the power of the Internet to do your own research.

If you reach the conclusion that Space-Based Solar Power has the potential to make a difference for future generations, do something about it. Inform others about SBSP and ask them to get involved, too. The leaders in both government and industry need to be guided to the same conclusion because they are in positions to take action and make things happen on the national scale that is required to bring SBSP into being.

Tell your neighbor. Phone a friend. Write your congressmen. Alert the media. Put a sign in your yard. E-mail an associate. Make a flyer. Text your child. Speak to your organization. Instant message a co-worker. Post a blog entry or comment on one. Produce a video. Call a radio talk show.

Listed below are some specific suggestions and links for getting the word out on SBSP. Ultimately, the passion for SBSP must be ignited in the decision-makers of government and industry.

Personal :: Print Media :: Broadcast Media :: Organizations :: Private Sector :: Government

If you have additional ideas on how to get the SBSP word out or you think of more people or organizations to contact, please share them using the Get the Word Out Comment Form at the bottom of this page. Also, if you initiate a contact or receive a response you would like to share, C-SBSP would love to hear from you!

Personal Contacts

Make SBSP part of the convesation with the people closest to you. Ask them to learn more and to help get the word out, too. Send a hand written letter or an e-mail. Add a link to a SBSP website (like C-SBSP) to your e-mail signature, to your website or blogroll.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers

Print Media

Contact your local newspaper or a nationally syndicated one, or several of them, and ask them to publish information about SBSP. Write a Letter to the Editor, submit an opinion piece for the Opinion Editorial column or contact a publisher or columnist directly. Many major newspapers accept submissions and comments electronically. Explore the sections on the economy, the environment, national security and science and technology.

Broadcast Media

Contact your favorite local TV or radio station or a nationally syndicated one, or several of them, and ask them to talk about SBSP on the air. Call in to one of the many radio talk shows and discuss SBSP with the host of the show. Have the main points you want to make ready.Also, suggest or request the production of a special on SBSP for broadcast and re-broadcast. An hour long SBSP special aired on a major national station would reach millions of people.


Private Sector

United States Government – Local, State and Federal

Following are selected officers, committees and agencies at the federal level of the U. S. Government that can and should be contacted about the need for a robust Space-Based Solar Power program. Because SBSP will have far-reaching energy independence, economic and national security impacts, there are many more officers, committees and agencies that can and shoud also be contacted. The Whitehouse, Senate, House of Representatives and Contact Your Government websites are excellent starting points to find and contact each of them not listed below.

Local, State and Federal Government Contact Information

  • Contact Your Government – website
  • Contact Your State Governor – website
  • Find and contact your federal, state and local officials – website

Executive Officers

Cabinet Secretaries

Cabinet Rank Members

  • Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L. Johnson – website / contact
  • Director of the Office of Management and Budget Jim Nussle – website / contact

U.S. Senate

  • U.S. Senate – website
    (Search for individual Senators to find contact information.)
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – website / contact
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – website / contact
  • Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources – website / contact

U.S. House of Representatives

  • U.S. House of Representatives – website
    (Search for individual Representatives to find contact information.)
  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – website / contact
  • House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer – website / contact
  • House Republican Leader John Boehner – website / contact
  • House Committee on Energy & Commerce – website / contact
  • House Committee on Science & Techology – website / contact

United States Government Agencies

Get the Word Out Comment Form

If you have additional ideas on how to get the SBSP word out or you think of more people or organizations to contact, please share them using the Get the Word Out Comment Form below. Also, if you initiate a contact or receive a response you would like to share, C-SBSP would love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “Get the Word Out

  1. If you share my belief that the intrinsic long-run seeming superiorities of space solar power should get it more attention, then you might well be interested in the current candidacy of Martin Heinrich in a close race for US Senator from New Mexico. At a rally last Saturday I met Heinrich to expose SSP’s merits, and to my complete surprise he not only seemed very interested, he was already knowledgeable enough to ask whether “microwave transmission was the preferred transmission technology?” Wouldn’t putting such a promising engineer-turned-politician into the Senate offer a unique potential leverage for furthering SSP?

  2. What must End, What must Begin

    War must end. Competition must end. Waste must end.
    Peace must begin. Cooperation must begin. Bounty must begin.
    Individual exploration must begin. Colonization of space must begin.
    Capitalism must end. Poverty must end. Greed must end.
    Selflessness must begin. Equality must begin. Compassion must begin.
    Being rich must end. Being poor must end. Premature death must end.
    Clean free energy must begin. Naturalism must begin.
    Life must begin, again.

    John Pontious 8/21/2011

  3. Awaken and Rise
    Cease, for a moment, in all your works, all you men and women of Earth. Mark your name upon this foundation, the New Age of Humanity! Affirm and make known to all your commitment to a world that has abundant and free clean energy, air, food, and water. A world able to use its wisdom to provide these necessary elements for life. A world where money does not equal worth. A world committed to equality, individual liberties, and a population allowed to find meaning and happiness in life.
    Humankind has become enslaved by war, toil, poverty, and the rule of despots, the rich, and the influential.
    The workers, the poor, the forgotten, the common, and the dreamers of a better world must awaken and rise up to speak with one righteous and mighty voice for peace, justice, equality, and life itself!
    Awaken and Rise, all you who would show compassion and understanding to your fellow human beings. Awaken and Rise, all you who feel a change in your heart. Awaken and Rise, all who feel the burden of a world gone wrong, a people heading for extinction, a planet beginning to die.
    Awaken and Rise!
    Shake off the shackles that hold your heart. Sign this petition for the survival of humanity. Read and question the manifesto” Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right”. In this document you will find a path to follow and a plan for a sustainable world in which war and poverty are unknown and free clean energy for life is humanity’s gift to her people. Link to the site and share this idea and plan for humanity with your friends. Remember that you are one with humanity. Our responsibility in this time of turmoil and environmental crisis has never been greater.
    Awaken and Rise

  4. Hi Rob Mohan,

    Do you have similar citizen for Solar Power sites in other countries? There is a growing groups of interested people in England, Germany and the Netherlands, so with some companions I see good possibilities to enlarge your site into Europe and what about Japan, China and India?
    Would advertising be allowed?

    Do you futher aim at crowdfunding for Space Based Solar Power and what about donations to your activities?

    Regards, Martien Pieters
    The Netherlands

    • Hello Martien and thanks for your interest in space-based solar power and for your comment.

      I am a purely self-appointed advocate for space-based solar power and the sole person behind the blog, Citizens for Space Based Solar Power. I started it to help get the word out and hopefully, to build support and enthusiasm for what I believe is a potentially huge, game-changing technology. Your comment from The Netherlands is an exciting indication that maybe, just maybe, I am starting to have some success with my goal.

      That said, I don’t accept donations and don’t incorporate any advertising on this blog. I believe that to do either would cast a shadow of doubt on my intentions to educate people and promote space-based solar power with nothing to personally gain whatsoever. When space-based solar power becomes a reality, I believe everyone on the planet will benefit from it.

      You may be interested to learn more about Space Energy, a company based in Switzerland, whose vision statement includes “… intends to become the world’s leading commercial enterprise in the field of Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) which will improve the lives of millions of people by bringing a source of safe, clean energy to the planet.”

  5. At first it seemed like a joke, but investors of SolarWorld weren’t laughing: Shares of the German solar energy company tanked on Wednesday, after it announced plans to buy four plants from General Motors’ German subsidiary Opel and

    Editor’s Note: This comment was incomplete but enough information was provided to find this news item reported by Reuters and others:

    SolarWorld CEO says Opel must be freed from GM

  6. Clint, thank you very much for making us aware of the 2008-2009 high school debate topic of alternative energy. Yes, I think it is a great idea to get students involved in the advocacy of energy independence, space-based solar power and other energy alternatives we must vigorously pursue. The generation of today’s high school students have even more at stake and stand to benefit to a much greater degree from the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources such as space-based solar power.

    Citizens for Space Based Solar Power provides a great starting point for students researching the debate topic of alternative energy and in particular, space-based solar power. I first became aware of the concept when my son did a physics report on it in 2000!

  7. The 2008-2009 high school policy debate topic was announced two days ago. It is “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the United States.” Could students advocating space based solar power in this context contribute to the education of both policymakers and the public?

  8. To date, I have sent information and requests to support SBSP to all of the 2008 presidential candidates. I have not received any personal responses from any of the candidates yet but I have received several confirmation e-mails from the campaigns.

    I have sent information and personal requests to about ten family members and friends, with many more on my list. When each of them passes along my request to their own network of friends and colleagues, I envision a ripple of excitement over SBSP fanning out over the entire country!

    I also posted a thread on the Tech Support Forum which has many members from all over the world. Be on the lookout for other appropriate forums that you already participate in to post information about SBSP and a link to Citizens for Space Based Solar Power.

  9. Sent Nov 17 at 1:55 PM to the Committee of Energy and Commerce.

    The NSSO study, “Space-Based Solar Power as an Opportunity for Strategic Security” recommends “that the U.S. Government should organize effectively to allow for the development of SBSP…”.

    America’s current and future way of life requires an adequate, available and affordable supply of energy. Our dependence on foreign energy sources can be used against us, to weaken our nation’s security and even to manipulate our nation’s economy. The burning of fossil fuels negatively affects our environment and these non-renewable energy sources will eventually be exhausted. As evidenced by current conflicts and the price of foreign oil, energy independence is critical to our nation’s future security and prosperity. Energy independence as national goal has yet to be strongly stated and a plan to achieve it has yet to be clearly defined.

    Based on an October, 2007 U.S. Government feasibility study, Space-Based Solar Power as an Opportunity for Strategic Security, Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) is a game-changing concept that has the potential to become an unlimited source of clean, safe energy. Space-Based Solar Power is the generation of electricity with orbiting solar collectors and the wireless transmission of the energy back to earth. While SBSP is a complex engineering challenge, it does not require any scientific breakthroughs to become a reality. The plan to achieve energy independence will include many technical, economic and political facets. I believe the large-scale development and deployment of SBSP should be central to the plan.

    I respectfully petition this department to work to clearly define a plan of action to acheive energy independence from foreign oil and to explore the feasibility of SBSP. Your actions can and will make a positive difference for us and for future generations in America and worldwide.

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