There is a great deal of information about Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) already available. The purpose of is to provide a consolidated path to the existing information and to generate public support for the development of this potentially game-changing technology.

Be positive. Be proactive. Learn about SBSP and help get the word out. Write your representatives in Washington. Call your favorite talk show hosts. Ask for support for SBSP. Start looking out for future generations.

You’ll find many resources on to assist you in learning about SBSP and in getting the word out. We invite you to get involved. You’ll be glad you did.

Solar Power Satellite Concept ©Mafic Studios, Inc.
Solar Power Satellite Concept ©Mafic Studios, Inc.

The idea of space-based solar power (SBSP), the generation of unlimited electricity from solar power with orbiting collectors and beaming the energy back to earth for distribution and use, has been around since 1968. Due to low fossil fuel costs and high per-payload-pound launch costs at the time, the idea was not financially feasible. The world has changed significantly since then.

From an open source, internet-based collaborative forum and the collective efforts of over 170 contributors, The USG National Security Space Office has issued a 75 page Phase 0 Architecture Feasibility Study titled “Space-Based Solar Power as an Opportunity for Strategic Security”. This study states that “technological challenges are closing rapidly and the business case for creating SBSP is improving with each passing year.”

Today, there are many drivers for the development of renewable (or practically unlimited) energy sources, with national defense, rampant over-population of the planet, quality of life for future generations and concern for the environment all near the top of the list. Yet we seem content to burn the fuels we can gather from our surroundings, much like our ancestral cave-dwellers did for tens of thousands of years before “modern” man’s arrival.

There are links to much more information about Space-Based Solar Power on the Learn More page. Once you have read about this exciting and potentially game-changing technology, go to the Get the Word Out page for suggestions on who to contact and links to assist. If you don’t want to start with a blank e-mail, use some of the text from the Starter Messages page to get started.

However you decide to do it, spread the word about Space-Based Solar Power. Your voice can make a difference for the future of our families … and for our planet.

Providing a medium for your voice to be heard about SBSP is one of the main goals of C-SBSP. Please share your thoughts and ideas using the Comment Forms at the bottom of each of the pages listed below.If you have specific feedback about C-SBSP goals, learning more about SBSP, getting the word out about SBSP or starter messages about SBSP, please post your comments on the appropriate page listed below:

  • Posts – entries dealing with various SBSP related topics
  • C-SBSP Goals – milestones and metrics for measuring progress and success
  • Learn More – links to SBSP organizations and information
  • Get the Word Out – suggestions and resources for getting involved and promoting SBSP
  • Starter Messages – starter text to help promote SBSP and ask for support
  • Feedback and Discussion – a place for your voice to be heard about SBSP and related topics

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    • Thanks for your interest in space-based solar power and good luck with your ThinkQuest competition. A couple of good sources for SBSP images for non-commercial use are Mafic Studios and NASA. A link for the former is and for the latter, I would recommend a Google Images search with the phrase “space solar power”. Let us know how the competition goes for you!

  1. Heard your radio hour on You were extermely informative and did so with humility and even some humor. Kyle appreciated the shout out. You should be very proud of the result of the time and energy you put into your preparation. You really sounded like a pro. Well done! I’d think that even if I weren’t your wife.

  2. As founder of Supporting Advancements in Alternative Fuel & Energy (SAAFER), I have great appreciation for your efforts in raising public awareness and interest in solar technology and the potential of other renwable energies. Our organization awards grants to researchers in this field and is currently working on a solar initiative for 2008. Please keep us informed on your developments and we will do the same.

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