Letter to Glenn Beck – Energy Moon Shot

This evening, I listened to Glenn Beck outlining both presidential candiates’ plans for our energy future which include highlights such as restoring U.S. leadership on climate change and a gas tax holiday. Hey, I’m always up for a holiday but I had to agree with Beck’s assessment of both candidate’s energy plans and his call for a moon shot. He said:

Here`s “The Point” tonight. Could we please get a candidate who will cut through all the bull crap, and give us a moon shot before it`s too late? Somebody in Washington needs to do something. And what I`d like them to do is get the hell out of way …”

I submitted the following note to Glenn Beck through his website’s Contact page. Help me let all these folks with a national voice know about space based solar power and ask them for their help in getting the technology and its potential in front of the American people.


Space-based solar power could very well be the moonshot you mentioned tonight. We have the technology to collect solar energy with solar power satellites, beam it to rectifying antennas (rectennas) on earth in the form of low power microwaves and connect it directly to the existing electric power grid for distribution. It is a complex and expensive engineering project but it would provide unlimited, clean energy. It could eventually be scaled up to provide a major portion of the world’s energy needs. But we need to get started and you can help get the word out to the politicians and the public. There is a lot more information and links to resources on Citizens for Space Based Solar Power (http://c-sbsp.org). Please help get the word out about this potentially game-changing technology.

Rob Mahan
Citizens for Space Based Solar Power
Marietta, GA


Author: Rob Mahan

Author of An Irish Miracle, husband, father, and dog lover.

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