Citizens for Space Based Solar Power Sees 10,000 Visits

Since it’s inception in late 2007, shortly after the release of the National Security Space Office “Space‐Based Solar Power
As an Opportunity for Strategic Security – Phase 0 Interim Assessment Study
“, Citizens for Space Based Solar Power has received over 10,000 visits.

I hope this milestone is an indication that more and more citizens are becoming aware of space-based solar power and that we as the United States of America are moving closer to launching a major, multi-generational effort to develop and deploy this game-changing and necessary technology.


Author: Rob Mahan

Author of An Irish Miracle, husband, father, and dog lover.

6 thoughts on “Citizens for Space Based Solar Power Sees 10,000 Visits”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to write. I want to add my remarks without reference to the many great entries here and elsewhere in this Utopian effort.

    I join with the citizens for SBSP. I predict the numbers will be increasing well beyond 10,000. I’m very glad this blog is growing. Some people get paid for their time spent in this effort. I’m not one of them. I believe SBSP has the potential for huge numbers of good careers with good salaries and benefits at many levels.

    The owners and operators of Big Carbon, Big Minerals, and all the energy concerns who have a great share in the power and influence to make the change to SBSP may ignore this blog. It won’t change the vision we citizens have for a better way. I hope to learn of these powerful people who have joined this blog as good citizens.

    SBSP changes the notion of money. Even a small percentage of the Sun’s output beamed to Earth for power could drive the price of energy to thousandths and smaller of its current market value. SBSP infrastructure is effectively already bought and paid for in terms of future solar emanation as converted. The old way of thinking is obsolete. This is a choice for a better technology lever and a new economic philosophy.

    Just think: We have millions of years worth of SSP to borrow against and profit from. People must reject the notion that we don’t have the money to pay for SSP infrastructure. In solar power, immense amounts of money are presently being dumped to deep space at this instant as we write and speak, live and breath right now! It’s not access to cash, it’s the poverty of vision.

    What stands between the way things are now and a time of peace, prosperity and tranquility for all?

    As many have been saying, it’s time for action. We humans on Earth are at a bend in the curve. An international commitment to SBSP would expose human problems for what they are: arbitrary, self-imposed, unnatural and unnecessary. Life is tough enough dealing with natural disasters. We can choose to get rid of the unnatural ones. We’re at a point where we can choose a better way now. Ready carbon-based wired energy has served its role well enough. Time to hydridize.

    I join with all who applaud Space Energy, PG&E-Solaren, the EADS-Astrium and JAXA efforts, all the visionaries who are actively working to proto-type SSP systems. I want to join their efforts.

    Why are the filmmakers not drawing attention to SBSP? NOVA? Frontline? James Cameron? What have I missed?

    You’d think the “Sunshine State” would be ahead of California in promoting SSP. A Florida candidate for governor of the Sunshine State at this time has his motto, “Let’s get to work!” You bet!

    I challenge all the politicians to recall their physics. They mostly seem to be in favor of education. What of their own educations in the sciences? I join with all who urge our fellow voters to cast for the candidates that support this superior energy technology.

    We are courageous, adaptable, and a little late, but we’re getting a move on now thanks to the citizen visionaries!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts on SBSP down here, Tim. You make many excellent points and I agree, the time for action is now. The road to fully deployed SBSP is not short. If we start now, it will be the greatest legacy we can leave the next generation and beyond.

      1. And I thank you, Rob. It’s very encouraging for me to receive your acknowledgment. I look forward to becoming better acquainted with you and all our fellow visionaries!

        On your point to the relative length of the road: Once the powerful people adopt what I and others believe to be the smartest energy policy, the road could be shortened. A few years next to the hundreds of millions of years before the solar atmosphere reaches Earth (we’re being evicted; the sun is non-renewable, for goodness sake!), the road’s length is nearly zero!

        Still, why wait? I urge our president to announce with ten times the strength of JFK, let us combine our efforts world-wide to install these SBSP systems with the first generation technology by 2020 – clear, crisp vision! To the CEOs and boards of all effected industries: Get a clue! It’s your duty!

        “The greatest legacy…” are your words that are music to my ears. I’m a pianist. I love music and I’m trained in music. It’s my livelihood. However I completed my masters in chemistry in 1987. Lately, I’ve been studying PETE PV technique pro bono. Working for no pay sucks.

        Legacy? There’s enough solar power being dumped to deep space unused that if added in to our present grid loads and more could wipe out the combined debts of all nations yesterday! Conservatives are crying, weeping, and quivering in fear. This is what happens when people focus their attention to the rear walking backwards into the shadows scared of the dark! Boo! Astronauts working in space peer out into the deep, and the “mere” (!) thought, I have to catch myself from the vertigo! Perhaps these conservatives would like to take lunch on a Branson Spaceline cruise to discuss ways to overcome fear.

        Oil ought to be preserved for and limited to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Coal? Unless it can be used with zero emissions, it ought to be left in the ground. All carbon streams must be bio-spherically eco-balanced as we’re becoming to accept. We can get this done soon.

        I have a hunch that when classical economics are solar-transformed by the SBSP function, there will be further evidence of the demographic function: The more happy and secure families become, the fewer the births. Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School recent study showed that about $75,000/yr per person is the happiness maximum. At $150,000/yr per family for five (5) billion families is actually a small fraction of the value of unused solar power that is presently being dumped to deep space.

        Peacemakers? Really? Isn’t that “black ops” jargon? What is strength?

        I respect the conservatives. It’s a great philosophy for many things in life. But life is dual. The conservatives are not qualified to blaze the trails, to make the change. Conservatives tend to not want to try a new way to operate. SBSP is truly a “game changer.” Let’s characterize those changes, offer new ways for conservatives to cope with fear. I firmly believe they can do it! It gets easier the more you do it.

        “Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.”
        —Maximus Decimus Meridius

        And what ever happened to Tesla’s idea to use the Earth’s first Schumann harmonic for wireless power? Wait…

  2. I’d like to thank Citizens for Space Based Solar Power for their work! This website has educated me on the importance of this technology and it sounds like others are discovering its importance.

  3. I hope this milestone is an indication that more and more citizens are becoming aware of space-based solar power and that we as the United States of America are moving closer to launching a major, multi-generational effort to develop and deploy this game-changing and necessary technology.

    I will wish United States of America of space-based solar power.

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