Petition: Spacefaring Institute Releases Advocacy Video

The Spacefaring Institute has released this compelling video in support of our petition, “USA Must Lead the Transition to Space-Based Energy.”

Please share this video and help get the word out, and please sign the petition at

3 thoughts on “Petition: Spacefaring Institute Releases Advocacy Video”

  1. An excellent idea!

    “C-SBSP Admin”: I looked around the web site for some way to directly contact the Admins/Creators or to get some human names of the folks involved here but while it must be on the site somewhere I personally couldn’t find that information (which is nice to have on a politically oriented site these days, because even if a person generally believes in a concept it can be hard for some to trust nameless sources).

    However, in hoping this blog is watched I would like to assist with a piece of content that Engineering-Oriented people may find useful. There is an excellent video of “Inventor of the Space Solar Power” Dr. Peter Glaser and the “Father of Power Beaming” William Brown and Physicist Gerard K. O’Neill and Makoto Nagatomo of ISAS/JAXA discussing and answering questions about Space Based Solar Power at the first International Space University meeting held at MIT. While these men are all world renowned Engineers/Scientists the video is very, very understandable by persons of any education level.

    The video is at: – if that url is not able to be published via this blog’s Reply form, going to YouTube and entering a Search for “SSI Solar Power Satellite Roundtable at ISU” should bring it right up. Perhaps putting that on the Links list will be of benefit to folks looking for extra background?

    1. Robert, thank you very much for pointing me to this amazing roundtable video. To be able to hear from these pioneering men from the early days of space-based solar power and spacefaring vision is inspiring. As soon as I can watch the entire video, I will feature it so more of the world can learn about the potential of space-based energy directly from these visionary men.

      I’ll also address your contact issue notes, which are much appreciated. It’s just me here at Citizens for Space Based Solar Power. I’ve been a self-appointed advocate (kind of an Evangelist) since late 2007.

      All the best,
      Rob Mahan

      1. Thank you Rob, The Space Studies Institute and SPS have gone hand in hand for 40 years. We have a vast amount of information at, folks can just use the Search feature for a deluge. NSS (formed by the merging of von Braun’s National Space Institute and the O’Neill inspired L-5 Society) also has a very large collection. SSI Senior Advisor John Mankins’ book “The Case for Space Solar Power” is huge but very readable. I have found Ralph Nansen’s book “Sun Power” to be very, very good for hitting all the right points in a very solid way for most any level of reader (his second book, well, IMHO not so much).

        And, of course, there’s ‘the book that launched a thousand Space careers’: Gerard K. O’Neill’s “The High Frontier.” SPS by all of the numbers and the ways to achieve The Human Habitation of Space.

        Best wishes.

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