Energy from Outer Space: A SSP Course on

This is the first of several course preview videos available at

The course author, John Clarkson, contacted me through C-SBSP to make me aware of this online course about space-based solar power. I have purchased the course and completed the 1-1/2 hours of included lectures on a broad range of SBSP-related topics. Many other learning resources are also included.

I have concluded that this course would be worthwhile to anyone seeking a solid introduction into the following topics from the course outline:

  • Space Based Solar Power (SBSP)
  • How SBSP works
  • What are its major advantages and drawbacks of SBSP?
  • Which nations are developing SBSP and why?
  • An idea of what it costs to get SBSP into orbit
  • Rockets, how they work, with some mathematics
  • Orbital mechanics and how this is relevant to SSP
  • Wider future market opportunities for SBSP, including direct and indirect markets both new and to be developed
  • Why SBSP will be an investment in the future
  • SBSP weapons – Are they feasible? Can we make them safe?
  • A wider knowledge of the economics of energy and how SBSP can change it

Energy from Outer Space on

Read more about the course author, John Clarkson, along with this and other related courses at his website, Future of Energy College.


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