Paul Gilding: The Earth Is Full

I came across this recent TED Talk and the presenter eloquently summarized, in so many words, why it would be prudent for humankind to begin an earnest effort to make space-based solar power a reality. He believes that humans are highly intelligent and innovative, enough to solve the problem of over-exceeding the planet’s carrying capacity with no sign of recognition that infinite growth is a myth, a pipe dream.

According to Gilding, the only thing humankind lacks to begin solving this problem is a truly major worldwide financial crisis . . . the kind that could be precipitated by the collapse of today’s oil and coal industries. Are we, as card-carrying members of humankind, so focused on our own navels—so not nearly as advanced as we think we are—that we need a massive, painful crisis for motivation?

Why not just skip the crisis and start solving our problems now? Sounds like a better plan to me. What do you think?


Author: Rob Mahan

Author of An Irish Miracle, husband, father, and dog lover.

3 thoughts on “Paul Gilding: The Earth Is Full”

  1. Thanks Rob,

    I just viewed Paul Gilding: The Earth Is Full. I like that he didn’t specifically mention space-based solar power as a response to our present human predicament. But to achieve a righting of human civilization with respect to natural resources is going to take a huge amount of energy and that means going directly to the sun to get it. Like Fermat, the margin is too small for the proof!

  2. April 26, 2011

    Awaken and Rise

    Cease, for a moment, in all your works, all you men and women of Earth. Mark your name upon this foundation, the New Age of Humanity! Affirm and make known to all your commitment to a world that has abundant and free clean energy, air, food, and water. A world able to use its wisdom to provide these necessary elements for life. A world where money does not equal worth. A world committed to equality, individual liberties, and a population allowed to find meaning and happiness in life.

    Humankind has become enslaved by war, toil, poverty, and the rule of despots, the rich, and the influential.

    The workers, the poor, the forgotten, the common, and the dreamers of a better world must awaken and rise up to speak with one righteous and mighty voice for peace, justice, equality, and life itself!

    Awaken and Rise, all you who would show compassion and understanding to your fellow human beings. Awaken and Rise, all you who feel a change in your heart. Awaken and Rise, all who feel the burden of a world gone wrong, a people heading for extinction, a planet beginning to die.

    Awaken and Rise!

    Shake off the shackles that hold your heart. Sign this petition for the survival of humanity. Read and question the manifesto” Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right”. In this document you will find a path to follow and a plan for a sustainable world in which war and poverty are unknown and free clean energy for life is humanity’s gift to her people. Link to the site and share this idea and plan for humanity with your friends. Remember that you are one with humanity. Our responsibility in this time of turmoil and environmental crisis has never been greater.

    Awaken and Rise!

    1. Citizens for Space Based Solar Power doesn’t necessarily agree, disagree, or respond to all approved comments. Constructive comments, positive or negative, are always welcome.

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