Will Fossil Fuels Be A “Bridge to Nowhere”?

Will Fossil Fuels Be A “Bridge to Nowhere”? – photo by Kecko CC BY 2.0 on Flickr

Every form of energy we have can eventually be traced back to the Sun. Space based solar power solves the on/off problem of terrestrial solar power, and could be delivered nearly anywhere on the planet 24/7/365. These characteristics make space based solar power a virtually unlimited, clean baseload power source.

Currently, payload launch-to-orbit costs are the single biggest hurdle to developing and deploying space based solar power. While it would be a massive and complex engineering project, no basic science breakthroughs are needed before space based solar power could be implemented.

Space based solar power is not a short-term solution to our energy needs. Domestic fossil fuel resources would provide a “bridge” to its eventual implementation … but fossil fuel will be a “bridge to nowhere”, unless we start developing space based solar power very soon.

Rob Mahan
Citizens for Space Based Solar Power*

*I’m a purely self-appointed advocate, and I have no financial stake in space based solar power. I simply believe that it will eventually be the solution to our energy future.


Author: Rob Mahan

Author of An Irish Miracle, husband, father, and dog lover.

3 thoughts on “Will Fossil Fuels Be A “Bridge to Nowhere”?”

  1. I too am a self-appointed advocate for space-based solar power. The above concise statement on this subject is understandable and vital. Each day our sun radiates trillions of trillions of dollars worth of power and yet, human poverty still inflames war. The so-called money “masters” of this world are masters of energy technologies that must be upgraded now. They are the only ones in the positions to make such a bold move.

    A gargantuan astrophysical engineering project is in principle already funded by the future value of solar energy already being spent to deep space. The so-called money “masters” have not apparently mastered that idea. Perhaps the life of indulging in vast sums of money dulls the senses and numbs the mind of fiduciary duty.

    For example, the Dyson-Harrop concept would siphon off enough energy from charged particles (solar wind) to more than compensate for transmission losses such that the massive energy excesses beyond world grid base-loads can be shunted into oceanic desal and massive water works beyond drought and flood controls to optimal agricultural methods and potable water works wherever people live.

    Energy future means good clean water future. The “good” life is abundance of both. Widespread promotion of these two removes the incentives to crime and war. No “leader” today can make a claim to such a reputation and ignore these simple and self-evident human truths.

    For example, a speaker of the house, POTUS, or supreme justice can know and explain why 2.45 GHz is an ideal frequency for tuning into an absence of human fear, hatred and war. If they fail that essay question, then they are not worthy of their position.

    Am I a citizen? Are you? I join Rob Maher to promote the most sensible long-term economic strategy sans a new understanding of energy itself coming from CERN that would change human economics. Until then, our sun is plenty powerful enough for widespread prosperity that is also in balance with earth biosphere in support of our burgeoning numbers among the family of nations.

    All good citizens can join together to prompt “the captain(s)” of the ship of life on our good earth to change course. Let it happen here; let it happen now.

    Tim Meyer
    Concerned Scientist
    Sarasota, Florida USA

    1. The newly elected US senator from New Mexico, Martin Heinrich, formerly an engineer, is both interested in and knowledgeable about SBSP. In addition to promising personal conversations with him and his campaign manager, I contributed the statutory maximum to his campaign. SBSP also makes political sense as a cause for a newly elected NM senator.

      I now plan to keep feeding him SBSP information, both positive and negative. Please send me for possible forwarding anything that seems appropriate.

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